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Wheels of Terror Watch Full lengths. A beat-up Dodge Charger runs over people, and abducts young girls in a small desert community. Later, it is revealed the driver molests the girls. Why was that part added to the plot? Let's face it, a movie like this, made such a long time after its obvious source (Duel) is only going for any unintended laughs it can get, and it's impossible to find any humour and in a flick about a child molester.
If you can get past that, the entire second half of this is an extended (if outdated) car chase, which has moments of competency and a bit of excitement, but is often times played out in super slow motion, as the Charger does battle with a minibus, with the lead girl's daughter hanging in the balance. This is all capped with a wholly predictable double twist ending, in which the villain's identity and his motives are burned to a crisp in the requisite fiery explosion. The second half is the only reason I rated it as highly as I did.

Pretty dull thriller. The director chooses an "arty" approach with lots of slow-motion sequences, poetic" music and minimal dialogue, and it doesn't work. The characters have no personality, the script is virtually non-existent and the suspense is deflated by the fact that the "evil" car's driver (or the evil car itself) has plenty of opportunities to get away from the heroine who chases him, but keeps returning to do battle with her as if he has some scores to settle (we never find out what they might be. While you're watching this movie, don't be surprised if your mind starts going elsewhere, like into thinking what's for dinner or the next day's chores. 1/2.


Wheels of terror watch full length movie

Special offers and product promotions Product details Actors: Joanna Cassidy, Marcie Leeds, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Arlen Dean Snyder, Henry Kendrick Directors: Christopher Cain Writers: Alan B. McElroy Producers: Mike Cheda, Richard Learman, Stanley M. Brooks Format: Closed-captioned, Color, NTSC Rated: Restricted Number of tapes: 1 Studio: Paramount Home Video VHS Release Date: February 28, 1991 Run Time: 85 minutes Customer Reviews: 3. 9 out of 5 stars 15 customer reviews ASIN: 6301920376 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #317, 218 in Movies & TV ( See Top 100 in Movies & TV) Editorial Reviews Laura MacKenzie, a school bus driver, and her 12-year-old daughter Stephanie have moved to Copper Valley, Arizona, to escape the pressures of city life. But bad luck follows in the form of a mysterious black sedan that stalks Laura and terrorizes the local schoolchildren. Customer images There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.


USA. 1990. Steven Spielberg’s Duel (1971), a tv movie that was released to theatres, was enormously influential. It was a film that was stripped back to the essentials with one man (Dennis Weaver) in a car on a highway being relentlessly pursued by a lethal black truck. The driver of the truck was never seen, making the film into a primal man vs machine battle. Duel made Spielberg’s career as a director. For many years afterwards, it was imitated by other works such as Killdozer (1974), The Car (1977) and Christine (1983), which variously turned the lethal and driverless pursuing machine into an alien or supernaturally-possessed entity. Wheels of Terror, which was also made as a tv movie, is another of these Duel wannabes. It is a fairly blatant copy. Like Duel, we never get to see any driver – all we know is that the car is driven by someone who likes to abduct and molest children – and the film becomes more about the battle between two vehicles. Exactly like Duel, the evil vehicle is black, dirty and has mirrored windows. The only difference is that here it is the larger vehicle (a bus) that is the good vehicle, while the car (a Dodge Charger) is the nemesis and that the ‘good’ vehicle is pursuing the ‘bad’ vehicle rather than vice versa. Unlike the abovementioned Duel imitators, this dispenses with any idea of a paranormal explanation for the vehicle. Wheels of Terror spends more time than Duel did in the preliminary scenes – a number of scenes with Joanna Cassidy and her daughter, with the people that maintain the garage, her driving the bus to and from the school and picking children up. These are interspersed with several scenes with the black car seemingly stalking her where the film tries to play a series of there again/gone again tricks on us, improbably having nobody but Joanna see the car in its appearances. (left) The evil Dodge Challenger; (right) the school bus in pursuit of the car Fully two-thirds of the film is taken up by a single vehicular chase scene with Joanna Cassidy pursuing the car in the bus. These scenes contain some solid and reasonable stunt/action set-pieces. Among these, there are at least a couple of seat-edge scenes – one where the bus comes to a halt teetering on the edge of cliff and Joanna Cassidy desperately tries to get the faulty reverse gear to work as the car comes up behind and tries to ram them over; and another with the car driving alongside the bus on a quarry road as Marcie Leeds climbs out of the sun roof and jumps across to the bus, left precariously hanging from one of the bus’s open windows at the same time as the car rams the side of the bus only inches beneath where she is. On the other hand, the whole pursuit does leave you with some questions of safety – why Joanna Cassidy would think that engaging in a high-speed vehicular chase while driving a bus full of children would not get her fired from her job, let alone criminally prosecuted; and secondly, why someone would so recklessly attempt to ram and try to drive a car containing her own daughter off the road. Wheels of Terror was the only genre film of director Christopher Cain who had elsewhere made the likes of The Principal (1987), Young Guns (1988) and The Next Karate Kid (1994), among others. Cain is also the adopted father of actor Dean Cain, the Superman of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-7) fame. Screenwriter Alan B. McElroy has an interesting number of films to his credits including Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and subsequent to this the genre likes of Spawn (1997), Left Behind (2000), Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (2002), Wrong Turn (2003), Thr3e (2006), Tekken (2010) and The Perfect Guy (2015), and as a producer on Star Trek: Discovery (2017–).

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